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Services I Offer

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End of Life Doula Services

As an End of Life Doula, I  provide education, resources and support to the dying alongside other providers. I fill gaps in services. I provide space for thoughtful, meaningful interactions, advocacy, communication and development of an individual's end of life wishes. 

My services are tailored for each individual or family’s need. Some examples of services are  end of life review, legacy projects, facilitating family meetings, logistical support for the household, identifying resources, guided imagery and mindfulness activities, conversation or quiet time together, and vigil at time of death.

I encourage starting plans and conversations early. There are no restrictions as to when end of life care and planning may begin. 

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Home Funeral Guide

Holding funerals and memorials at home lets families and friends remember their loved one in a comfortable and familiar place. Home funerals are environmentally sound and can be personalized in many ways.
I meet with individuals and families to develop and plan memorials and funerals.  I guide day(s) of activities and facilitation of home funerals and memorials.


Education is an important component to having 'a good death'. Education can be presented in a formal way such as presentation for a group or it can be informal such as sitting and talking with a family.

I do not offer an EOL Doula training program. If you are interested in becoming a doula, I recommend starting with the National Home Funeral Alliance directory to find a training program.

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